Formula Mazda

The Formula Mazda is an open wheel race car which is adaptable to both oval tracks and road courses. It is a "spec" formula car, meaning that under the sanction body of SCCA and the FM class, all cars are virtually the same. The motor is sealed by Daryl Drummond Enterprises, the official engine builder, and all parts must be as provided by the Formula Mazda manufacturer, Moses Smith Racing. Minor adjustments can be made by driver and crew to the ride heights, toes, cambers, casters, wing angles, gear ratios, and tire pressure, in order to accomodate the vast variety of tracks and conditions that exist. This allows competitors to race on a level playing ground, and when the checkered flag drops, the best driver is revealed, at least for that day...


CHASSIS :: Steel Tube Frame

ENGINE :: Mazda 13B Rotary Engine


TRANSAXLE :: Racing Five-speed plus reverse

RPM LIMIT :: 6800

WHEELBASE :: 95 inches

DRY WEIGHT :: 1140 lbs.

MIN. WEIGHT :: 1350 lbs. with driver

BRAKES :: Cockpit adjustable bias, 'spec' calipers, steel discs.

FEATURES :: Adjustable shocks, sway bars, brake bias, and wing angles


At the amateur or club racing level, it is eligible for Regional and National championship competition in the Sports Car Club of America’s Formula Mazda Class. In National competition, drivers can ultimately qualify to race for a National Championship at year’s end.

In a typical season, Formula Mazdas will appear in over 150 pro or amateur sanctioned races in North America.